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So i've decided to put this journal to good use finally, and i finally have something i feel passionately enough about to write about; CARS!

Yes, thanks to both my friends and Top Gear i am a car fanatic. If you read my profile you would know that. And this isn't recent, it's been growing over years, since i started hanging round with my mates. In January i plan to start my driving test (yes i know, nothing exactly out of the norm about that), and for my birthday i'm going to start practising rally driving =) So by 2008 (whether it be beginning; middle; end) i plan to start participating in rally races, of course that's if everything goes to plan.

Anyway, shall we begin? This won't be a review you see in your local paper, as i've already stated, i haven't even started my test, let alone finished. This is basically my opinion, on looks and anything else i feel needs to be stated =) I'll do both new, concepts, old, and of course my personal favs.

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