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Car Review; BMW Z29 {concept}

Looks: The z29, when compared to the z4, is definitely the better looking of the two. With it's slightly sleeker bonnet, it gives the new z29 slightly more edge to it, whereas the z4 has a 'plumpness' to it, especially with the ever so slightly curved bonnet. The front nose to the car has undergone a bit of plastic surgery too, with the rise from the bonnet gone the z29 now has a meaner look. Coupled with lights similar to those of the Ford Focus RS, it definitely gives the car more appeal.

BMW have once again gotten rid of that round, plump shape in the back end in favour for a sharper, edgier look. The repulsive back lights are now gone, and in it’s place straight line lights that actually suit the car have been put in place. Overall, the car has undergone some much needed liposuction, and it’s un-flattering curviness has been straightened out.

z29 to the left; z4 to the right


Z4 3.0i
Z29 3.2*
Horse Power
0 - 60 (secs)
Top Speed (mph)

Just looking at the specs gives you an idea how it would measure up to the z4. And with just a glance you can tell that the z29 would flat out beat the z4, even with its top engine in place. Actually, the z29 not only has the z4 beat, but the m6 coupe as well.

General: No one really seems to know whether or not the z29 is actually based on the z4 or not. Some say the z29 is based upon the z4; some say the z29 is a case study for the z4; some say it was a test platform for the z5; and others say they have nothing in common except the letter ‘z’. As you can tell, speculation is the name of the game, until BMW actually say what’s what.

So considering all the shush about it’s origin its expected that not too much is known about this car. What is known however is that the car is made up of very lightweight materials, which could also explain the large differences between the specs of the z4 and z29. Being made out of carbon fibre and aluminium - rear axel, front and rear module of the body - the z29 is about 440lbs lighter than the z4.

With it’s lightweight body the weight to power ratio of this BMW coupe is 3.4kg/hp, which puts it on the same level as such super cars as Porsche’s 480hp 911 Turbo and Ferrari's 540hp 612 Scaglietti.

Of course, with all concepts, no one but BMW knows whether this car will be put into production. Although by looking at the figures, and simply the looks, I would hope BMW had the sense to make this car a reality.

*M-Motorsport Tuned.
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